The Owners

Our History


With London having a history of failed indoor golf facilities, the owners took a risk and opened in 2011 with 1 simulator. We call the facility "London's best-known secret" due to the fact that we have grown our client base immensely and still have numerous golfers saying they don't know about us.

The business started by subleasing a very small 700-foot facility from a family member who had a restaurant in a plaza.  We opened with one golf simulator which was repossessed from a past business venture.  Within a month it became apparent that there was a lack indoor golf facilities in London and a great need to expand.  At that exact time a larger unit became available in the same plaza.  A second simulator was purchased and we finished off year one with a bang.  

 In September 2012, a 5300 square foot unit became available in east London.  It was decided that 2 more simulators were required.  We also acquired a liquor license at that time. 

With small improvements yearly, we have continued to grow our membership base, league participants and many other regular golfers.

The staff that we have in place are very knowledgeable, experienced and all have extraordinary customer service skills.

Meet our Team!





Our owner is Leo Viglianti.  Leo has been a business and commercial property owner in London for more than 20 years.  Leo has attended numerous training sessions and has become exceptional verse in the technology we use and he also ensures that all aspects of the business are running smoothly.

Christine Viglianti is the president and facility manager.  Christine has over 30 years in customer service and has been able to add a personal touch, building strong long-lasting relationships with customers.  With experience as a food and beverage manager at a golf course Christine has been a vital part of opening our kitchen, building a menu and takes the time to listen to customers and their sometimes-unique requests.

Katelyn Crowley is our assistant manager.  She is highly educated with extensive knowledge in the food and beverage industry.  Katelyn excels in customer service, organization and technical skills.

Our team rocks !!!