Josh Cairns reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf5 star 

Love it here. Joined the league and the next week bought the full membership. Great staff and great facility! 


Tim Howard reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf

Been here a bunch of times, the place is well run. Rooms are up to date and it's loads of fun. Will be returning soon and often!

Jeff Doupe reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf5 star

January 7, 2017 · 

First time there and already am planning on going back. Friendly staff, easy to follow instructions. The simulator is very realistic and provides great practice between golf seasons.

  Jon Newman reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf 

Had a great time here tonight. The accommodated our group of 5 in one of their 4 person rooms which was very helpful. They have a liquor licence and they can serve food here as well. It is a great place holder for real golf when the weather turns Canadian in the winter time.
The staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating and couldn't have been nicer. They allow you to warm up and teach you how to use the program while answering any questions you may have.
Hoping to get back here again this season and I suggest you do the same!!

Danny King reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf5 star

The hidden gem of things to do in London when you don't know what to do.....

Dave Robbins reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf5 star

The ladies accommodated us perfectly..... 12 of us had a blast. Great golf, cold beers and great company. 



What a great place am telling you guys get the boys together plan an afternoon playing golf in the middle of winter with food tables a liquor license this is a dam good time and the service was top notch thanks so much for a fun time swinging the clubs.


Absolutely incredible place to get out and swing the sticks. Even if you don't play 18 and just use the range, narrowing down club distance is crucial to better scoring. Great place with amazing employees!
This is a MUST try for any caliber golfer.

Darcy Campbell - Member - reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf

Darcy Campbell - Member - reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf

Darcy Campbell - Member - reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf

I have been a member at Extreme Indoor Golf now for 3 years. I absolutely love it and if you are as passionate towards golf as I am, then this is the place for you!

What do I enjoy about Extreme you ask? Besides the obvious answer of swinging my golf clubs all year round, I enjoy the atmosphere as it is almost like belonging to a private club for golf enthusiasts. The staff at Extreme are amazing. Very courteous and friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to make your indoor golfing experience a positive one. Whether it be giving you a full explanation on how the simulator works, or tips on your golf swing or prompt service with their full food and beverage menu, their customer service is exceptional.  

And speaking of their food and beverages, my favourite combo is the breakfast wrap with a nice tasty Caesar, after 11 am of course! And if you haven’t tried a Caesar at Extreme, they are the best in London. 

During my 3 years at Extreme I have belonged to the men’s league, taken my kids there on snow days or PA days, taken my wife there for a date night and convened a couple small golf events for the golf league that I organize, The Fester Golf Association. They have 4 simulators and many different courses to play.  There are also a couple of TV’s so you can keep an eye on the game while you play your round.

Darcy Campbell - Member - reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf

Darcy Campbell - Member - reviewed Extreme Indoor Golf


Probably the most common question that I get asked is, “how accurate is the indoor golf simulator?” It is actually very accurate with the technology that’s in play. I find that I hit each of my clubs about the same distance indoors as outside on the real grass. The only thing different is that with the simulator you always have a perfect lie, you never get cold or wet and you don’t have to go looking for your golf balls when you hit a bad shot!  If you want to challenge yourself you are able to play different tee decks and simulate different types of weather elements like wind, rain, wet ground, or fast greens.

The bottom line is that as a golfer it is a lot of fun playing golf at Extreme and I have really enjoyed being a member. And like most of us golfers we are always looking for an edge and a way to improve our game. By golfing all through the winter at Extreme Indoor Golf you become a year round golfer and this will certainly provide you with the opportunity to improve your game and keep those golf muscles in shape all year long.